Photothermal mIRage OPT-IR and RAMAN Microscope

Photothermal mIRage OPT-IR and RAMAN Microscope


B04b McCourtney


  • Sub micron hyperspectral mapping using IR and RAMAN
  • IR wavenumber range 800 to 1800
  • IR spectra on samples traditionally impossible using FTIR (bulk samples)

Typical Use

  • Mapping and characterization of a variety of samples (e.g. Thin Films, Nano fibers, Cells)
  • Identification of particles and substances based on IR and Raman fingerprinting

Internal Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $19
  • Assisted: $60

External Hourly Rates 

  • Unassisted: $144
  • Assisted: $198

Instrument Availability 


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