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The Analytical Science and Engineering at Notre Dame (ASEND) Core Facility provides real-time, comprehensive measurements in user-controlled environments to understand spatial, compositional, and transient alterations of samples that are at the interface between biology, chemistry and material-science.

ASEND's growing list of instruments can be found here

User Agreement

Prior to using the ASEND facility, all users are required to fill out and agree to the Laboratory Policy and Agreement Contract.

Users must also agree to follow all COVID-19 guidelines from the University.

Training Sessions

Training on instrument theory and practice is required prior to the unassisted use of the equipment.

To schedule a training session for a given instrument, please contact Karl Cronberger. The Laboratory Policy and Agreement Contract must be filled out prior to the training session.

Instrument Rates

Internal and external user instrument rates are available here

Scheduling Equipment

The ASEND core facility utilizes the iLab system to manage all instrument reservations, scheduling, and billing. Step-by-step instructions on how to register for an account, create a reservation, or create a service request are available here

Instrument availability can be viewed via the link on each instrument page

Canceling Reservations

Users are required to use the iLab system to cancel reservations in which they can not attend. Please do so as soon as you know you can not make the reservation.

Tracking Instrumentation Use

ASEND uses the iLab equipment kiosk system to track instrumentation use.

  1. Start your reservation via the iLab kiosk before using an instrument.
  2. Once finished with an instrument, use the kiosk to end your reservation.
  3. One hour after your reservation ends the kiosk will automatically remove you from the instrument, unless you have chosen to extend your reservation. Extending a reservation is also done via the kiosk.
  4. Failure to end your reservation using the iLab kiosk will result in a bill for the full reservation +1 hour.

Project Consultation 

If you are interested in having ASEND's Staff Scientist operate the instrumentation for your research project, please fill out the Assisted Use Request form

External Users

The ASEND Core Facility is available for external users. Please contact Karl Cronberger to discuss your research needs and arrange for training.