Asylum MPF-3d

Asylum MPF-3d


B04b McCourtney


  • 90 µm x 90 µm travel in x and y scan axes, >15 µm in z scan axis
  • Frequency DC to 2.0 MHz in 2mHz increments
  • Amplitude of 0-20 V in 0.6mV increments
  • Closed-loop position sensor 
  • Vibration isolation table
  • Digital Q control to enhance or suppress Q by 5X 
  • 3D rendering in real-time

Typical Use

  • Topographical analysis and imaging of samples in nanometer range
  • Measurement of surface roughness
  • Force plotting
  • Nanomanipulation and nanolithography in MicroAngelo

Internal Hourly Rates

  • Unassisted: $25
  • Assisted: $67

External Hourly Rates 

  • Unassisted: $33
  • Assisted: $88

Instrument Availability 


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