Instrument Rates

Instrument Internal Rate: Assisted Internal Rate: Unassisted External Rate: Assisted External Rate: Unassisted
Asylum MPF-3d  $67/hour $25/hour $88/hour $33/hour
Carbon & Sputter Coater  $61/run $20/run $124/run $70/run
Electrochemical Analyzer N/A $8/hour N/A $19/hour
Environmental Test Chamber N/A $19/day N/A $26/day
GC-MS $72/hour $31/hour $174/hour $119/hour
Glowforge $71/hour $30/hour $94/hour $39/hour
Instec Gastight Probe w/ Temp Control  N/A $59/day N/A $157/day
Instec Hall Effect and Microstage  N/A $45/day N/A $117/day
mIRage $60/hour $19/hour $198/hour $144/hour
nGauge AFM $67/hour $26/hour $99/hour $45/hour
Plate Reader N/A $5/plate N/A $6/plate
Prisma S-SEM $88/hour $47/hour $172/hour $117/hour
QCM N/A $7/hour N/A $9/hour
Sonoplot Microplotter Proto  $60/hour $19/hour $112/hour $58/hour

Please note, rates are subject to change annually.