Analytical Science and Engineering Core Facility acquires new equipment

Author: Brandi Wampler

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The Analytical Science and Engineering Core Facility at the University of Notre Dame (ASEND) has acquired five new major instruments and thirteen minor instruments to support research activities at Notre Dame. ASEND equipment provides real-time, comprehensive measurements in user-controlled environments to help faculty, students, and staff understand spatial, compositional, and transient alterations of samples that are at the interface between biology, chemistry, and material science.

“At ASEND our goal is to offer essential measurement science and engineering equipment for researchers at Notre Dame and outside academic and industry researchers,” said Nosang Myung, Bernard Keating-Crawford Professor of Engineering and director of ASEND. “By acquiring these new state-of-the-art instruments and tools, we can better support discovery and cutting edge research.”

The new major instruments are:

The new minor instruments are: 

  • 18.2 Mohm DI Water Polisher: Thermo Scientific
  • Biosafety Cabinet: Thermo Scientific
  • Centrifuge: Megafuge 16R, Thermo Scientific
  • Electrochemical Analyzer: 650E, CH Instruments
  • Environmental Chamber: Tenne
  • Glove Box: Labmaster, mBraun
  • Incubator: CO2 jacketed, VWR
  • Plate Reader: Victor 3 Multilable Counter, Perkins Elmer
  • Refrigeration
  • StereoScope: S9D with Microscope Camera, Leica
  • Sonacators: Probe and Bath, Ossila
  • UV Ozone Cleaner: Ossila
  • Four-point Probe: Ossila

Launched in 2021, the ASEND core facility aims to help solve current, emerging, and industry-relevant problems through the creation of new capabilities in measurement science and engineering. The facility supports Notre Dame’s analytical science and engineering program, which is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

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Karl Cronberger / Staff Scientist

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