SMU200 Source Measurement Unit

The SMU200 can only be used with the Instec stages not independently.


  • Current sourcing and sensing, Voltage sensing
  • Standard BNC connectors for easy electrical testing
  • Measure current, voltage, and resistance simultaneously without changing connections or wires
  • 4-quadrant voltage/current source operation (delivering power to a load in 1st and 3rd quadrants) and sink operation (dissipating power internally in 2nd and 4th quadrants)
  • Single-channel 4 x 4 matrix power switch hardware that sets each BNC output to either V+,V-,I+ or I, passing positive and negative currents or blocking voltages in either polarities
  • Wide programmable source current from 1nA to 20mA
  • Up to 6 source current programming ranges for reliable high accuracy
  • 2 or 4 wire remote voltage source measuring and sensing
  • Perform Hall measurement and testing in the semiconductor industry with 2 current source BNC and 2 voltage sense BNC
  • 10Hz – 470Hz reading rate at 4 ½ digits 

Typical Use

  • Used for a variety of electrical measurements